Together, we plant your local community roots the day you arrive

Under the Green Start Initiative SESAM Immigration pledges to plant one UAE indigenous Ghaf tree seed for every new UAE employment visa we process on behalf of our local and international clients.

This Initiative recognizes the arrival and aspirations of every new colleague in a UAE workplace by making a sustainable contribution to the local community.

Starting on the occasion of the World Environment Day on 5th June 2022, Sesam Immigration supports the long standing ‘Give a Ghaf Planting Program’ by Goumbook.

Why plant Ghaf trees?

The act of planting a tree is a powerful symbol of new beginnings. The Ghaf is a drought-tolerant tree, which can remain green even in harsh desert environments. It is essential for the survival of animal and plant species alike.

The Ghaf is the national tree of the UAE. As a historic and cultural symbol it stands for stability, peace and unity in the UAE community, which brings people together of all nationalities, religions and races.

The Ghaf is a wild tree and every year its seeds need to be collected and planted to produce new, healthy seedlings. Once the planted seeds germinate, they are kept in nurseries until they reach 30-50 cm. The seedlings are then returned to the local community to be planted in homes, farms, parks, schools or urban areas where natural shade and greenery are needed.

This initiative is carried out in collaboration with municipalities, local companies, landowners and passionate individuals who will help finding ‘forever homes’ for the Ghaf seedlings.

All trees planted as part of this initiative will count towards the UN’s One Trillion Tree objective and support the UAE Government’s sustainability goals.

How can I take part?

As an individual:
Plant a seed and we will grow a tree for you,
for more information click here.

As a corporate:
Get engaged in an awesome way for your team to give back and connect with nature,
for more information click here.

Community Planting

To celebrate this new start, on 15 December 2022, we will invite members of the community and individuals to plant the first batch of Ghaf Seeds with the aim of bringing our community together and making a lasting difference by working alongside each other to create a greener UAE.