What We Offer?

As a travel hub, Dubai offers unique opportunities for your Regional and International travel needs. Our priority is to provide a facility in which your Business Travelers can obtain their travel documents in a smooth and efficient manner.

With international Consulates and Embassies located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we assist in submitting and collecting on behalf of, or preparing and accompanying your Business Travelers for their destination country’s visa application. Everything from arranging appointments for Saudi visas, to guiding your document preparation for Schengen countries is included in our business travel services.

  • Outbound Business Travel document compliance
  • Inbound Business Visitor visas
  • Inbound Multiple entry business Visas
  • Consular services
  • Visa application personal assistance

About us:

Sesam Immigrations is a part of Sesam Business Consultants, registered since 1999 in the UAE. We offer high-level Immigration consultancy services to our clients in the UAE through our offices in Dubai and Abu Dubai.

Our Professional Case coordinators and Key Account Managers are supported by a highly experienced, multi-lingual team of Immigration Officers (“PROs”), who closely liaise with Government Authorities to provide timely updates, resolve issues and simply get things done.

We understand that every immigration case is different and requires an individual and personalized approach. We provide customized strategies and continuous support to our clients throughout the entire immigration process.