Smart Immigration Case Management

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to deliver highly personalised services with consistent results for their businesses. Our Customer Service Portal supports this philosophy and is built on decades of experience providing expert immigration consulting, advice on solving complex issues, and developing workable solutions for HR teams and Managers.

Service and data in one place
for ease and the bigger picture

Experience transparent top-notch Customer Service and collaborate in our secure Customer Service Portal 24/07 - across all time zones!

Our cloud-based software interface gives you complete visibility into your case work as well as corporate, workforce and dependent data. We invite our clients to customize communication preferences and access levels to the Portal in order to:

  •  Drive productivity
  •  Seamlessly interact with us
  •  Initiate cases and requests
  •  Track and review operations
  •  Track multiple deadlines for expiries
  •  Create customized reports for renewal forecasting and planning
  •  Avoid or reduce email communication
  •  Enable double-authentication secured document upload function for improved collaboration
  •  Define authorization and security levels for Management, HR and Employees access

Portal Data Protection

Our cloud-based Service Portal is designed to follow a strict data protection and privacy policy. We only collect and store personal data, which is mandatory to file and process the application mandated by the client with the respective UAE authority. Authorized access is ensured through double authentication and a dedicated roles and rights concept for Supervisor, HR Manager and Employee level. Case initiation, data collection, communication and review can entirely be conducted without the use of email.

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