End-to-End Solutions

Sesam delivers a comprehensive range of immigration services for corporate clients. Our experienced team ensures that your corporate and employee's requirements are completed swiftly and efficient. Operate faster, concentrate on your business and be audit ready at any time!

Our Services

We are working closely with our clients to deliver highly personalised services that deliver consistent results for them and their businesses. Yet, we are more than just a service provider – we provide expert consulting, advice on solving complex issues, and developing workable solutions for individually-assessed cases, in addition to accounting services.

Immigration & Visa Services

Our core service is handling immigration and visa services – with over 20 years experience in the UAE market. Our expert consultants guide clients through every step of the immigration process, arranging visa appointments, attesting and translating documents and taking care of visa collection and delivery.

We handle a broad service offering, from employment visas to dependents, trade licenses and business visas, for clients of all sizes.

  •  Employees (visas, business visas etc)
  •  Dependents (visas, special dependents – maids, parents etc)
  •  Corporate Account Management (legal registrations with UAE authorities for commercial activities, customs and tax purposes etc.)
Business Travel

We provide end-to-end management of inbound and outbound travel visa applications on behalf of our corporate clients

  •  International visas: Reviewing and preparing applications, booking appointments
  •  Consular services: Compiling supporting documents and filing visa applications
  •  Personal assistance: To file documentation (as required)
  •  Inbound UAE visas: For business visitors and temporary residents
  •  Tourist Visas
HR Consulting

We help you navigate complex projects, unique cases and plan for the future. Our team of experienced Account Managers and Consultants can provide detailed assessments and guidance on a range of visa and immigration-related issues.

Our service goes beyond just handling an application– we consult on projects and cases that don’t fit inside just one box. Some common requests we handle are:

  •  Company relocation and adding Trade Licenses (new zone, within zone) including a move of employee visas; cost projections, timelines etc.
  •  Scaling Business (changing/adding TL activities, adding branches)
  •  Project Planning (large employee influx, bulk assessments, logistics and planning with internal HR team to coordinate)
  •  Ad-Hoc Assessments and Consulting (on a range of topics, specific/unique cases for employees or dependents; advising on business options, compliance, and cost considerations)
Accounting Services

Our experienced Accounts team is flexible to consult and tailor a package to fit your needs ensuring a compliant and transparent service. Our core services are:

  •  Accounts & Payroll Services (setting up UAE bank accounts, maintaining books of accounts handling payroll transfers and company payments)
  •  VAT Registration (handling company VAT registration and quarterly/annual submissions)
  •  Wages Protection System (WPS) Management (handling WPS compliant payroll)
  •  WPS Advisory (providing advice and guidance on handling any WPS-related issues ie. file blocks, minimum compliance management and back-dating)
Our Commitment

A Tailored Approach

We are passionate about developing long-standing professional relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and service excellence.
Proactive Account Management

Our team of expert consultants proactively manage your corporate immigration requirements, regularly assessing your business needs to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Personal Communication

Our key account coordinators adopt a personal approach, consulting with your HR department and employees on a regular basis, providing updates and peace of mind.

Corporate Compliance

We ensure your corporate registrations and employee visas are up to date and audit ready.

Custom CRM System

Our cloud-based immigration portal provides 24/7 access to HR case reports and employee details. Using the system, clients can view their entire immigration portfolio, including open cases, expiry dates, expenses and real-time case updates. Privacy and data protection are implemented by design providing our clients with assurance and confidence.

Flexible Service

We take care of your immigration requirements as your business expands.

How we work

UAE Immigration Services Simplified

Let our expert team of consultants guide you through the process
Assessing your needs Our team will meet with you to determine your specific requirements, review your documents and employee records, and develop a customised strategy for your business.
Bespoke and Future-proofed Solutions We then develop a customised plan matched to your specific requirements. For ongoing services, we offer attractive monthly retainer options or custom packages tailored to your needs.
Take your Business Forward On acceptance of our proposal, our expert consultants will liaise with your team and commence managing immigration requirements on your behalf.
Highly Personalised Approach Our team will work closely with you to ensure your current and future immigration requirements are met at all times and to answer any queries you have as and when they arise.
Receive Real-Time Case Updates Via Your Secure Portal Log into your highly secure online portal where you can review all employee, dependent and corporate information, as well as custom data analytics.
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